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The Jamies are ecstatic to share their next album, Time with you! Time will release on May 23, 2015 and we would be delighted to celebrate with you at The Ironwood Stage & Grill in Calgary. Please see the SHOWS page for details.
We will be announcing our 2015 spring and summer lineup soon and are still looking to fill some dates in Western Canada. If you have a festival or event you would like The Jamies to perform at, we would love to hear from you through our CONTACT US page.



Photo Credit: Unfolding Creative Photography

The Jamies

Canadian new wave indie pop band The Jamies showcases two keyboards, driving drum and bass beats, and the compelling vocals of Jamie Gould.  The Alberta-born singer/songwriter has logged impressive musical mileage writing and singing her way through various genres and bands across Canada.  She was a member of the rock and country music scene in Medicine Hat and Toronto, before moving to Calgary and forming The Jamies in 2012.  With The Jamies, Gould discovered her true passion in writing pop music and began experimenting with new wave sounds.

The current members of The Jamies are the catalyst for Gould’s transition to writing pop music. The variety of musical talents and backgrounds along with instrumentation of two keyboards allowed for experimentation with different sounds and structure to build cohesive layers of synth pop modernisms and new wave nostalgia.

The Jamies’ first self-titled album was released in 2013.  Considered a discovery album, it featured guitar-driven songs lightly accented with keyboard, producing an intersection of roots and new wave sounds.  The Jamies received great reviews and radio play, landing top 10 spots on !earshot charts in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Burnaby, and Halifax.

Their sophomore album, Time, is set to release on May 23, 2015.  Between the two albums, The Jamies have gone through major modifications in their instrumentation; the retirement of guitar and doubling of keyboard paved the way to create songs that further suit their true identity and colour.  This album features Gould’s vocals that continue to impress through dynamic vocal lines that are contemplative and evocative, powerful and energetic. Early reviews of the album have been described as bold, clean, and tight.

The Jamies are:
Jamie Gould - Vocals
Dan Beck - Keys
Charlie Loudowl - Drums/Vocals
Cindy Go - Keys/Vocals
Brock Leroy Brown - Bass


Press Excerpts on The Jamies' Upcoming album, Time

"The Jamies have experienced an evolution. Where their self-titled debut saw Jaime Gould’s Stevie Nicks-esque, big and bold vocals being backed by organic, guitar-driven indie, the loss of a guitar player and addition of a second keyboardist (Dan Beck) has given the Calgary band an opportunity to change aesthetic. For a group known for covering acts like Talk Talk and Tears for Fears, the transition was a chance to embrace their love for keyboard-based pop. As a result, new release Time is an album full of pristinely produced, high energy, New Wave-inspired gems."  Continue reading.
-IMVERYAPE, April 2015

"The edgy interplay between two synths is the perfect setting for The Jamies’ danceable ’80s-inspired music." Continue reading.
-Avenue Magazine March 2015

Press Excerpts on The Jamies' Self-titled Debut Record

"The Jamies have found the sweet spot between trying out different sounds and having them all come together in a pretty little package. They certainly are not lacking in skilled musicians and each track shines with polish and confidence." Continue reading.
-The Gauntlet, September 2013

"Guitars, synthesizers and Gould's vocals . . . pay homage to those new wave influences, while the bass and drums provide a propulsive drive that gives the music a fresh dimension." Continue reading.
-Avenue Magazine September 2013

“The Jamies find themselves modernizing the golden sounds of seventies pop rock brought to us by bands like Fleetwood Mac. You could easily imagine Stevie Nicks covering their . . . album without anyone raising an eyebrow. However, this is not throwback music, it very much carries its own identity with a modern sheen and energy.” Continue reading.
-IMVERYAPE December 2013

"What the disc [has] going for it is its diversity, the 10 songs are upbeat, mid-tempo and everything in between, and are all a great showcase for the vocal stylings of Jamie Gould, who has at times a country twang and a soulful, breathy coo that would send Neko Case and Sass Jordan into a blushing contest." Continue reading.
-The Uniter October 2013


Music Video 

Together with IMVERYAPE, we are tickled pink to present a music video for the first single from our upcoming album, Time. We had a blast with Chris Molyneux who shot the video and the sexy extras who brought this idea to life. We had no idea it would turn out this good. Hope you enjoy watching this as much as we did making it! 

Click play below and bust out your signature dance move. Go!

Upcoming Album 

Hey Pals! The Jamies have TWO sneak peeks for you for our upcoming album release - "Get the Blood Pumpin'" and "Time". Go to our MUSIC page to have a listen.  We cannot wait for you to hear what we've been working on for the last year - CONTACT US to pre-order the album now!

Here are some of the more important numbers from our sophomore album.


12: Songs on the album.

42:00: Length of the album.

3:01: Shortest  song. (Tied between All the Girls, All the Boysand Who I Used to Be)

4:25: Longest song. (Forget Me)

3:30: Average song length.

16.968: Total gigabytes of data created.

905: Total files created.

275: Total audio tracks used.

31: Most tracks used in a song. (Tight Skirts for Modesty)

16: Least tracks used in a song. (The One)

500+: Hours spent editing and mixing tracks.

6: Songs abandoned.

3: Band line-up changes during recording.

4: Guest musicians on the album.

5: Co-writers.

July, 2004: Oldest song written on. (Forget Me)

November, 2014: Newest song written on. (Walk Through)

January 13, 2014: First file created. (Scratch track for Soul Collector)

March 3, 2015: Last File created and used. (Auxiliary vocals for Piece of My Heart)

May 23, 2015: Album release, Ironwood, Calgary.

Music Video Preview 

We recently had a day of shooting for a music video!  It took weeks to plan, and a really long day to make - but, what a blast it was making it happen!  It'll still be few weeks before release, but we cannot wait to share it with you all!

Here is a sneak peak of some of the video footage from our music video shoot - It is so good. We cannot wait to release it and share it with you all. It's so much more than I could have imagined. Chris Molyneux of 'IMVERYAPE,' is a super talented guy!

Hi Edmonton! 

The joy of finding new out of town venues to love. The Black Dog Freehouse swells our hearts. Great venue, amazing crowd. In love, Edmonton - THANK YOU!

Lethbridge? Nice to meet you! 

Seriously Lethbridge‬, we are in LOVE. Your art scene is rich & appreciative. Man.... This feels right.  Had a blast at Owl Acoustic Lounge, you are a beauty!  Hope to be again there soon!  Killer food, great crowd, and awesome host.  Thanks again!



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